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Marble Polishing

Floor Polishing Services, Costa del Sol

Marble Polishing Services

The Supreme Clean Treatment

Marble stone floors have a natural beauty that adds a touch of style and luxury to many homes and businesses.

These natural stone floors are an expensive investment and need regular cleaning , polishing and maintenance to keep them in good condition.

Marble floors, without the correct level of cleaning and maintenance will deteriorate over time, losing their original high gloss finish, and become lifeless, dull and dirty. This is usually due to continuous foot traffic grinding dirt and grit into the floor, creating scratches which reduce the floor's natural reflective properties.

Marble floor cleaning and restoration depends on the type, finish and condition of the floor.

The Supreme Clean Method

Sunshine Coast Supreme Clean will deep clean the floor tiles and grout lines, remove stains, etch marks and dull spots, resin repair cracks and holes, before diamond honing and diamond skimming the surface to remove light scratches.

Once this is completed our floor cleaner will diamond polish the floor to provide a clean and polished finish before powder polishing the floor to produce that high polished, near mirror finish.

Once all the works are completed , we seal the floor with a natural stone floor sealer to help protect the floor.